"Fed Up" quotes: Katie Couric says...

I kept notes, or tried to, during the Boston premiere of "Fed Up," the Laurie David/Katie Couric documentary on the obesity epidemic, and it has quotable line after quotable line. Here's one from Couric's intro...

Katie Couric"What if the solutions weren’t really solutions at all. What if they were making things worse? What if our whole approach to this whole epidemic has been dead wrong?"

To me, there's no "what if" here, though I don't fault her saying it at the head of this movie. 

One of the problems with learning, unequivocally, that our approach is wrong is a key step to our getting it right, but not only are there very powerful, avaricious, and deeply committed forces working to keep us wrong, but "right" won't be right for everyone. The reasons people overeat are varied, so what works for some will not work for everyone.

So, to recap: concentrated foes, diffuse solutions. 

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