Opportunity for the junk food industry

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Richard Blumenthal, the attorney general of Connecticut, has been around a very long time — he was my AG for awhile, and I moved out of the state 16 years ago. He's got a very good record of monitoring corporations and bringing them before the bar, perhaps most prominently when he helped bring suit against the tobacco industry for its deceptive advertising to children.

"Bury the waste in a great big hole"

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Climate Ark has a pair of stories from the past couple of days boosting CCS (carbon capture and sequestration), showing again that bad ideas don't always go away on their own.

Most recent, from Reuters, is a report that Europe intends to invest heavily to help China, then India and others, to develop CCS technology.

Farmers and "environmental types"

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I am dismayed to read about Collin Peterson, the Minnesota Democrat who is chairman of the House Agriculture Committee and was lovingly profiled by the Times a couple of days ago.

"Peterson says he does not set out to be a contrarian," the story says, but based on some of his comments, I begin to wonder if he sets out to be a bonehead, instead.

Inspiring, provocative

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I've recently come in contact with Mats Lederhausen, a former McDonald's leader who has some very interesting, inspiring, and provocative positions on the future, specifically about business but, to me, applicable to our world beyond. I didn't intend to share anything about him today, and don't expect to come back to him in the future.

But this comment, found here, is just plain worth sharing...

Hang out with Waxman and Markey

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The leaders of the climate change legislation in the House will participate in a conference call at 4:30 p.m. Eastern tomorrow (Wednesday 6/10) organized by 1Sky, Energy Action Coalition, Green for All, and the US Climate Action Network.

To submit proposed questions for responses on the call by House Committee staffers following the briefing, send them now to billquestions@1sky.org

The phone number for the call is 800-391-2548. The passcode is 28643226#.


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I've been wasting my time parrying with a high school acquaintance on Facebook the past couple of days, after he posted something about how stupid it is that bankrupt companies will be forced to make small, unsafe (but high-mileage) cars that nobody wants.


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