Kelly Brownell

Lying, misleading, or both?

I haven't recently visited the boneheads at the "Center for Consumer Freedom" (an intentionally misleading name for a bunch of restaurant and food-service industry interests) for a while, but not because they've stopped being boneheads. I just decided that it wasn't good for my soul to speak only negatively, and there is nothing (OK, very little that I'm aware of) else that can be said of these ... people.

The science of food addiction

I commend to you this article on The Delano Report ( about how food addiction, "considered fringe just five years ago, is fast becoming a mainstream view among researchers as new studies in humans confirm initial animal findings, and the biological mechanisms that lead to 'junk-food addiction' are being revealed."

Pass the dish, hold the chemicals

Unless this is your first visit here, you know that I am convinced that food addiction exists, and that I reserve high dudgeon for the medical establishment for not understanding what I know to be true. (Feel free to make your own judgments about the know-it-all texture of that; I’m not unaware of them.)

They’ve recognized substance use disorders involving tobacco, alcohol, amphetamines, and myriad other chemical dependencies. But not food, not yet.


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