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I suppose it's a mark of achievement for Marie Claire's online component that I feel moved to comment again on something it published, considering it's not a site I visit.

Back a while, there was the firestorm that ensued after an MC writer confided her revulsion when she saw fat people. It brought thousands of horrified retorts within days, and I was asked to comment by a Boston-area health website.

It's fish wrap by now, but...

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Last week when the Marie Claire blogger scare was going on, I was asked to weigh in at CommonHealth, a blog operated by WBUR. I was grateful to be asked and pleased to participate. 

The short version of this was, it isn't so bad, to me, that the blogger said she doesn't find fat people aesthetically pleasing. Honestly, neither do I. And here's the key point: Neither do most fat people I know! They aren't proud of how they look, and they don't much like seeing others. 

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