Adam Silberstein: "The world struggles with the concept of food addiction"

Welcome to another installment of "10 Words or Less," in which I ask brief questions and request brief answers of interesting people. Today’s participant is the clinical director of The Source Health and Wellness Treatment Center, which will treat food and tobacco addiction when it opens in Los Angeles next month. Remember, “10 words” is a goal, not a limit, so please, no counting. It’s not so easy; let’s see you do it.
Name Adam Silberstein
Born when, where? 1968, Tucson
Hometown Los Angeles
Family situation Married for 22 years. 4 children ages 10 to 20
Occupation Clinical psychologist
Passion “Food addiction.”
What did your dad do for a living? “A physician. He’s still practicing.”
Ever consider doing that? “No.”
How come? “Too many doctors in the family.”
But you’re a psychologist. Isn’t that close enough? “Not quite. Where I grew up, a psychologist is not the same thing as a medical doctor.”
Do you look at it that way? “That’s what I was infused with. I’ve since changed my position.”
First paying job “Counselor at a special needs camp.”
Any wisdom learned there that you still value? “Patience, and an ability to work with those who are different.”
Have you ever lived outside the US? “Yes, I studied in Israel for two years as an undergraduate.”
Something people don’t understand “The world struggles with the concept of food addiction.”
What do you know about it? “I formerly weighed over 300 pounds, and I describe myself as a food addict.”
A food principle you follow “It’s always better to consult.”
A food principle you’ve considered following but haven’t yet “Eat slower.”
Outside your family, someone you consider influential “Dr. John Viesselman, my clinical supervisor when I was in training. He was the first person who opened my eyes to what it means to eat sober.”
Outside your family, someone you consider unsung “The guy at the gym who goes every day, quietly doing his thing.”
Something wildly overrated “Things.”
What sustains you? “Honesty and spirituality.”

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