You can choose to be fat, but why would you want to?

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How’s this for breathtaking disclosure: I am not a woman.

I think of myself as a feminist, in that I think women have the same rights to ... everything despite  centuries of acculturation to the contrary. Now, whether the objective woman would review my record and agree that my actions are consistent with this pronouncement, I can only hope.

Still struggling with "Health At Every Size"

Perhaps it’s only self-flattery when I say that one of the ways in which I contribute most to discourse is my honesty. Believe me, there’s enough I don’t disclose, but I believe in the power of disclosure to move myself and others forward, even when I don’t look great in the process.

I’m going to test that again in this post.

As a result of attending the Binge Eating Disorder Association’s national conference over the weekend in Bethesda, Md., I’m revisiting some of my biases, which include:


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