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Yoni Freedhoff gets out his message to Big Food, anyway

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There is plenty that Big Food could do to lessen its crushing effect on national health, and for a moment there, it seemed as though it wanted to hear some ideas. But then it realized what it had done and said "screw you" to the nice doctor it had invited. So Dr. Yoni Freedhoff made his slides into a presentation for you and me ... and possibly, some of the Big Food foot soldiers who would have seen the presentation in its intended forum, if their peeps weren't such dicks.

Self-regulation can work, if you want it to

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I thought I’d discuss self-regulation in a different context than in my last post, which was titled, “‘Self-regulation?’ That’s like ‘no regulation,’ right?” Then I was referring to Big Food, which argues that it can police itself and therefore deserves no interference from public-health meddlers.

How can Big Food help the obesity crisis? Jeesh.

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“Tackling childhood obesity: What role should industry take?”

That’s the headline atop’s story from a panel at the Institute for Food Technologists’ annual meeting last week in Las Vegas, and I had to think, “are you kidding me?”

Again: Is there a problem or not?

As an editor of 30 years and a paid wordsmith for even longer, I am sensitized to the use of language, and I continue to be tickled by the way Big Food twists the words of others to make their arguments seem absurd.

A case in point is how the soda industry is reacting to New York City's ban on super-large sodas. They proclaim the unfairness of putting all of obesity's blame on soda alone, for example, when no is doing that.

Who will defend Big Food, the poor victim?

I’ve been wanting to get to this topic for a while, but it has languished in the in-box, as too many other things do:

The headline is, “The Food Industry Fights Back,” and it’s written by Dave Fusaro, editor in chief of (“Home Page for the Food & Beverage Industry”). The subhed is just as good: “On obesity, food safety, 'questionable' ingredients, the industry can do a better job of tactfully defending itself; the key is transparency.”


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