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What can the RD designation be worth?

[I originally published this post a year (and three days) ago, but I'm bumping it to the top because it fits the thread of discussion kindled by Michele Simon's Eat Drink Politics report of last week.]

Based on my early experience with them, and on what I've heard from others of their experiences, I have long held opprobrium for registered dietitians. But it has recently bubbled over again.

Tweets you may have missed

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One of the features I like about Twitter is that it provides a middle ground, for items worth mentioning but not worth blogging.

(Actually, I should probably impose a Twitter-like character limit on my blogging and write far more posts, because that’s what readers want, but that offends my inclination. I’m working on that disconnection. OK, I acknowledge that disconnection.

(I’m fighting the same issue regarding my video posts. Later, I’m posting a revised first in a series, down to 2 minutes from the original 5.

What to know about Big Food

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The following is lifted verbatim from Andy Bellatti's interview of Bruce Bradley, which I saw published on Grist's food feed. Bellatti I'm a bit familiar with; I follow him on Twitter. I also now follow Bradley, as a result of the full interview. Bradley worked in Big Food for years, so he knows the industry from inside.

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