Kristin McAleavey: "I don't have all the answers"

KRISTEN McALEAVEY, 41, of Richmond, Va., is an associate professor in social work at Longwood University who also maintains a private practice in addiction. I met her recently at the third annual meeting of the Society of Food Addiction Professionals in Houston, and, impressed, asked her to join me for a 10-words-or-less interview. Please: No counting; it’s a goal, not a rule.

First favorite food “Any kind of pasta with red sauce.”

Pick one: Savory or sweet? “Sweet.”

Quantity or quality? “Quantity.”

Diet or exercise? “Definitely exercise.”

A hopeful trend in nutrition “More health-conscious choices on menus.”

A discouraging one “Super-sizing.”

Do you believe in food addiction? “Oh yes.”

A voice in nutrition you admire “Kay Sheppard.”

What is it about her? “She understands and lives the concept of food addiction.”

Something you’ve learned from teaching “That I don’t have all the answers, and my students are my best teachers.”

What don’t people understand? “That God is in charge.”

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