Ready to act up

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"This has been a true expression of the deep sense of betrayal many [blanks] feel about [blank]'s lack of effective action on climate change," said Georgina Woods, spokesperson for the demonstration. "We voted for this government so they would stand up to the big polluters, and lead the world on dealing with the impending climate crisis."

"Instead, [blank] has perfected a marvellous line in greenwash, the polluters are getting taxpayer handouts and under the legislation currently before the Senate, [blank] will not have to cut domestic emissions one jot."

"People have come to [blank] from around [blank] today to take a stand for climate protection. We call on [blank] to do the same. [Blank] must commit to strong pollution targets, and no carbon offsets at the Copenhagen climate talks in two weeks. If he fails, mass arrests will continue as [blanks] take climate action into their own hands."

I cut the quote from a Treehugger dispatch on a climate-action demonstration in Australia. I excised the location references for temporary effect, because it struck me how applicable the quote would be in the US.

The civil disobediance portion of the program hasn't really gotten under way here yet, though there is the obvious example of last March's protest in Washington against Congress's coal-powered heating plant.

Speaking in Boston about 10 days ago, Bill McKibben — an organizer of that rally — cited civil disobedience as one of the best arrows in the quiver of climate activists. And then he went out that night and got himself arrested, along with other activists holding a vigil on Boston Common.

And speaking of vigils, local activists plan to gather Dec. 11 at Cardinal Cushing Park, near Sen. John Kerry's office. The stated goal, according to organizer Vanessa Rule:

"This is a vigil, not a protest, and the point of the event should be to show that Kerry has political support in Massachusetts for science-based climate legislation that gets us back to 350ppm. It is a good opportunity to educate the public about what we can do here in the U.S. to work towards 350."

Last I heard, rally permits were still being sought.

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