Inspiring, provocative

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I've recently come in contact with Mats Lederhausen, a former McDonald's leader who has some very interesting, inspiring, and provocative positions on the future, specifically about business but, to me, applicable to our world beyond. I didn't intend to share anything about him today, and don't expect to come back to him in the future.

But this comment, found here, is just plain worth sharing...

Shiny, happy people

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Thanks to my friend Jeremy Marin, I attended the annual Earth Night fundraiser put on by the Environmental League of Massachusetts on Wednesday. After the year that environmental governance enjoyed in the state, it was a night to celebrate, and perhaps to crow a bit, and they did.

The VIP reception beforehand was supposed to feature climate champ Ed Markey, but he was off in China, discussing global warming policy with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other colleagues. That guy has to work on priorities.

Power cycles

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You may be at least casually aware of the PowerShift movement, which brought 12,000 people to Washington for meetings and demonstrations earlier this year. I wouldn't say I measure up even to "casually," but what I think I know is that it is a coalition mostly of college-age climate-change activists. Every time I hear them mentioned, the operative word is energetic.

Well, the Mass. chapter will need that energy for its summer gambit, which will send three teams of cyclists across the state to carry the climate-change message to cities and towns. 


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