Green TV

I've been wanting for a while to get in a mention of "It's Not Easy Being Green," an 8-episode show shot in Cornwall, England in 2005 and 2006 that I've been watching. It is the made-for-TV attempt by the Strawbridge family to revive a 300-year-old farm via technology and self-sufficiency.

More taxes, please

Obviously, I'm not running for office, ever.

And, I assure you, I'm as money-focused as my fellow Americans. I would like to earn more, while doing less. I would like to win the lottery. Get a huge inheritance from some surprising source. Have an even nicer computer. Build a wicked cool off-the-grid-but-still-warm-and-comfortable house, with a nice view. Further hybridize our Prius to make it even more efficient. Or get one of them Teslas!


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