compulsive eating

It never goes away

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I stopped into a convenience store Sunday for a diet soda, one of my remaining weaknesses, and like every other convenience store in America, I had to pass by the chip-category junk food to get out the door.

It wasn't a problem in the "I'm on a diet" sense, because I've been clean of that stuff for a good many years, and I maintain enough of my spiritual fitness, for today, to not stray near the edge of a weak decision. 

Kids who binge eat

A study at the University of Pittsburgh found evidence of binge eating in youngsters, leading its authors to argue that the condition should be accounted for in weight-management programs designed for severely overweight kids.

"Children in the Binge Eating Group were younger and had more depressive, anxiety, and eating-disorder symptoms, and lower self-esteem," the study found.


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