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This story from has plenty to comment on, and we'll see what I get to, but I want to start with the fifth paragraph:

Nevertheless, only 44 percent said they incorporate at least one healthy food into their diet.

Where to begin? Is one going to get healthy, or even healthier, by incorporating "a" healthy food into one's diet? Isn't the goal to eat healthily, not to incorporate a healthy food?

If you're "incorporating a healthy food," doesn't that presuppose that what you're eating now is unhealthy? That can't be a good starting point for anyone.

More than half of the survey respondents aren't even incorporating one healthy food! 'Course, considering that only 39 percent say they're "very concerned" about eating healthily, maybe that's not such a bad number.

Meanwhile, the lede of the story, as regular byliner Caroline Scott-Thomas saw it, was that almost half the respondents of the survey hold food manufacturers and processors somewhat responsible for their nutrition. I don't know whether to be heartened by that finding or not.

According to the survey, which interviewed 2,048 people on behalf of the Food Marketing Institute, four out of five people say their nutritional intake is their own responsibility, while 1 in 2 say industry has responsibility as well. About one-third also put responsibility on government and on retailers.

Certainly, the pecking order seems right, if not the percentages. As I often say, no one held me down and put food into my mouth, and I am most responsible for what I ate.

But food manufacturers have a very significant role in what we eat, too, even as it pays shills such as the Center for Consumer Freedom to deny it. In fact, if you look at the billions (literally!) it spends to get us to buy what they want to sell, you'd have to conclude that it is bent on purchasing the influence, if not bearing the responsibility.

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