Your food dollars at work in Washington

This is a direct lift of text from a Marion Nestle post, in which she was sharing data from the Center for Responsive Politics on agribusiness lobbying. I might have only RT'ed her post, but this was the last of three items and I wanted to give it its own headline.

I find plenty of this interesting, but for me, the killer facts are that agribusiness spends more on lobbying than labor! More than the defense industry! 

  • 325. Number of companies and organizations registered as lobbyists in 2013 to work on the Senate’s farm bill through the end of October 2013 — the fifth-most of any legislation
  • $111.5 million.  Amount “agribusiness” spent on lobbying in the same period, more than even the defense industry and labor unions.
  • $93 million.  Amount companies and individuals in agriculture made in campaign donations during the 2012 presidential campaign.

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