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Few things are more obvious here at Sustainably than that my unalterable belief that food addiction exists. Duh.

Clearly, the science is coming to meet up with the experience of recovering food addicts everywhere, which, for me, is both heartening and maddening. The former because, as I have said many times, when "my" views become mainstream, it will be because of the science, far more than because of anything I've done. And the latter because I'm waiting for what I just said to happen: The science has been piling up, and yet, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the easy majority of its registered-dietitian members say they need more. I'm having a colloquy with one right now in which she advises me that there's more than one way to solve these problems, while rejecting "my" way.

For those who want to read the science, perhaps the  location for it is the new It's maintained under the direction of phillanthropist Debbi Brainerd, whom I met at her summit meeting on obesity at Bainbridge Island, Washington, several years ago. It gathered practically the Hall of Fame of food addiction, mostly researchers and clinicians, including Bart Hoebel, Kelly Brownell, Mark Gold, Ernest Noble, and Ashley Gearhardt, among many, many others. It was easily one of the greatest strokes of good fortune in my professional life to be invited.

Smatters of me are on the site, which is pretty good, considering it's a research website and I'm not a researcher. But I know some, and one of those relationships led to my being interviewed by ABC's "World News Tonight," the video of which is linked on the site's video resources page.

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