Give to two outposts in the fight again our food dysfunctions

Two groups that I not only express my endorsement for, but have actually given money to are conducting short-term fundraisers right now, so of course, I am giving again, and I would like you to give as well.

City Sprouts partners with schools to include gardens in core curriculums, one of those simple, elegant, and deep ideas that everyone should love.

I was already persuaded of the idea’s value when I wrote about City Sprouts’ summer program, but I connected enough during that process that now my family is a donor. They do a great job.

City Sprouts is in the first of a four-day drive to raise $10,000 to support 100 middle-schoolers to attend the summer program that I wrote about. 

Going for even a faster blitz online is the Food Addiction Institute, which I helped to found and on whose board I sit. I value the institute’s mission more dearly than I do almost any political/social aim, to the extent that my family once donated a substantial sum before it had achieved nonprofit status, which it now has.

The institute has several aims, but the broadest expression is that it is working to solidify public awareness that food addiction is real, and that millions of people would benefit from its acceptance both in popular thought and in officialdom. Since we started, both spheres have increasingly come toward that goal, on the strength of research and other developments.

What the institute really needs, though, is enough cash to be able to hire just a couple of staff members, to more consistently and directly work for even more progress. To donate, please go here. (It's not an error that the recipient is the Louisville Fund For Adult Children. As an act of thrift, FAI obtained its nonprofit status by taking over a dormant 501(c)(3) controlled by longtime FAI allies and associates. Thrift is something to be valued in a nonprofit, no?)

If it would help, I’d be glad to talk to anyone reading this who wanted more perspective on either group. My contact information is elsewhere on this website.

P.S. I tried to gray over the fact that I'm publishing this 20 minutes after FAI's one-day blitz actually ended, but officially, it was from Tuesday noon to today at noon. Even so, I don't think they'll reject your cash if you're willing to give some.

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