Things you don't know about diabetes, or that you do

A guy cold-called me the other day, essentially asking for a link to a graphic his organization created about diabetes, hoping to "get this conversation outside of just the diabetes blogosphere." I said sure.

Part of his idea was that I would share what I learned from reading the graphic, but there wasn't much. Apparently, stuff I think anyone knows isn't as widely known as I'd have thought. Stuff like:

  • You can get diabetes even if no risk factors are apparent.
  • There's so such thing as a "diabetic diet." Different things work for different people.
  • Sugar alone doesn't cause diabetes.

There's more over there.


I think the statement that "Sugar alone doesn't cause diabetes" is wrong/ misleading.

You can never consume "just" sugar, and when a diabetic eliminates sugar, much if not all of the problem disappears.

The amount that remains depends on what other carbohydrates they are eating. Diabetes is and becomes carbohydrate intolerance.

Many type 2 can live on just low carb, high fat diet with no drugs. references can be found at

All of metabolic syndrome is related to sugar.

And then there is Robert Lustig 2.0 Fred Tully

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