From the podium, different ways to look at food addiction

I've begun building a section of speeches I've given to my Toastmasters club on this blog, because ... well, I should be honest, it's at least partly because I'm a showoff. (Too much of one? You decide.)

But also, I am a professional speaker, and I want to highlight both my ideas and my speaking style for buyers and event planners who can't help but benefit from hiring me.

So far, I've posted three at this link (which is also — and will remain — in the upper left of this page): One is a primer of sorts on food addiction. Another shares some anecdotes — and IMHO, some earned wisdom— from my nine weeks in eating-disorder rehab more than 20 years ago. And my favorite, for today, weaves the interplay of my food addiction and my several visits to France: I called it "my personal chamber of horrors."

Each runs about 6 minutes, and I am very confident you will be entertained each time you watch and listen. Please check them out, and suggest them to your friends. 

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