A flurry of speaking opportunities

I have begun a very busy speaking schedule that I hope I can sustain: * Yesterday, I spoke to an undergrad class in the Lynch School of Education at Boston College. * Sunday, I'm speaking to two services (9 and 11) of the West Hartford (Conn.) Unitarian-Universalist Church. * Monday and Tuesday, I'm participating in several activities at Phillips Exeter in Exeter, N.H. The highlight for me will be addressing the 900-student body Tuesday morning, by far my largest audience. * A week from Sunday, I'll be visiting the Brookfield (Mass.) Unitarian-Universalist Church. * A week from Tuesday, I'll be returning to the Lynch School to speak before a graduate-level class. I have several other dates set, and am exploring other opportunities. But this is the first flurry like this that I've had, and I'm excited. If you are the member of a group that entertains speakers, please consider recommending me to the meeting leaders.

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