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Theresa Wright: “I’d rather educate than force”

Welcome to another round of 10 Words or Less, in which I ask brief questions and seek brief answers from interesting people. Today’s participant is a nationally recognized nutritionist who started her practice, Renaissance Nutrition Center Inc., near Philadelphia 23 years ago; I’ve been a client for more than a decade. Remember, no counting. The 10-words thing is a goal, not a rule, and besides, let’s see you do it.

H. Theresa Wright, founder of Renaissance Nutrition and a national authority on treating food addictsName H. Theresa Wright
Born when, where “Long ago in a little mining town in Northeastern Pennsylvania.”
Family situation “Married 44 years to the sweetest, kindest, most gentle man in the world.”
Formative event in your youth “They called my father to school and asked if I could go to college.”
Someone outside your family who has inspired you “You, Michael. Your courage, your persistence, your dedication to writing your book.”
First job “I was a quality control chemist in a licorice factory.”
How long have you been a nutritionist? “Thirty-two years.”
Why did you pick that? “I wanted to be an electrical engineer. Daddy said girls couldn’t be one. I picked the part of home economics that had the most science, and I fell in love.”


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