Ride a stationary bicycle to work

A view from the cockpit of BikeBus, whose seats have mostly been swapped out for stationary bikes.

Almost unanimously, the reaction last week outside at an HR-focused networking event in Lexington was, “wow, I love it!” They were talking about Bikebus, which is a standard commuter-class bus with most of the seats removed to make room for eight stationary bicycles.

Observers, and Bikebus principal Eric L. Brodie, counted the ways it might be deployed: As a team-building exercise; to bring a worksite workout option to an office without the permanent space for it; and even as a commuting option for individuals who’d get their spinning in while the bus crawls traffic.

It must be a good idea, for all their enthusiasm. Me, I was left a little flat by the idea. Probably means it’ll hit it really big.

You can call Bikebus at 844-245-3287.

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