Activities around landmark food addiction conference begin today

When I heard about the first food-addiction conference sponsored by a medical institution, it seemed so far off, but finally related activities open today.

My entree to such events over time has been my journalistic background and bent. I'd get to attend, and I'd observe, record, and report via whatever means available. But this event aptly reflects my transition from observer to participant. I'm eagerly attending the morning speeches, presented by Bitten Jonsson, Phil Werdell, Nicole Avena, and Doug Ziedonis, and I hope to find fodder to transmit, one way or another.

But in the afternoon breakout sessions, I'll be on the platform rather than in the chairs, moderating panels populated, first, by treatment professionals, and second, by members of 12 Step recovery groups. I'm excited, of course, very much so.

But it struck me shortly after accepting the invitation that by being part of the conference, I can no longer attend the conference in the manner I'm used to. Vera Tarman, Theresa Wright, Esther Helga Guðmundsdóttrir, and others — plus all the aforementioned — will be presenting sessions, and I can't go! I believe the sessions are being recorded, so I can catch up with them, or so I hope.

But still, it reflects my transition from observer to participant.

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