Speaking at TEDxEilat

So here's some news: I've been invited (and I've accepted!) to speak at TEDx in Eilat, Israel, on April 14.

Of course I'm excited. I have family in Israel, and have hopes that my mother will be able to travel from Jerusalem — almost certainly, it will be the only chance for her to see me, live, in my new profession. It'll also be the first time my sister has been in my audience.Georgie and Joey will join me after the speech in Jerusalem, and we'll all have a week with the family there.

Eilat is a beautiful spot I've visited twice before, warm and situated on the breath-takingly clear waters of the Red Sea. I'm going to have a day or two to frolic; well, the real reason is to have time to adjust to the time change.  

And, yes, this one 18-minute presentation will be my debut as an international speaker, and a TEDx speaker.

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