Sharing a review, or just bragging?

I hope you've noticed that Dr. Pamela Peeke and I collaborated on an interview, posted just below this one on the blog. There'll be another one, too, when I'm done transcribing and editing the chat for a print version. The following isn't going to be in the edited version, for editor's reasons, but I neither did I want to let it slide completely from notice, also for obvious reason. We were talking about the good and bad things about being an author when she said,

"I must say I cursed you through the night when I first got your book because I couldn't put it down. It is so beautifully written and you are exceptionally talented. ... What I did after that first night of no sleep — thank you very much — was to cut it up like carrot cake and I would read certain sections every night, savoring them. The way you were able to depict your life and your journey was so rich. "

Yeah, she said that. Yeah, I'm repeating it.

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