Peer-reviewed health-coaching study

In my BNI chapter, I find that before I can successfully make the case that fellow members should refer me as a wellbeing coach, I have to make the case that wellbeing coaching is worthwhile in itself.

Thank you, Outcomes Across the Value Chain for a Comprehensive Employee Health and Wellness Intervention: A Cohort Study by Degrees of Health Engagement. (We can talk about their naming preferences later.)

The study, released in July after peer review, examined a corporate wellness intervention for more than 150,000 employees. About a third of them were assessed at high risk, and they were offered health coaching. About half of them accepted, and of those, 78 percent (about 19,800) completed the recommended coaching.

Improvements were recorded in blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol, absenteeism, medical utilization, and medical costs.

The study also found that “high engagers” (regular health coaching, education, and goal achievement) got the best results; they constituted about 15,500 clients.

Does health coaching work? You bet.

Can I help people who are ready, or becoming ready, to make changes for their own wellbeing. Absolutely.

Give me a shout if you, your employees, or a loved one answers that description.

I read about the study here. 

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