The murky meaning of "No Diet Day"

Today, May 6, is "No Diet Day." Like so many such events, it makes a point we should value every day, but don't, so we give it a "day" so that we'll make the point at least once a year.

But this one is different: Unlike, say, Mothers Day (it's Sunday, don't forget!) or Fathers Day, there is confusion about just what "No Diet Day" is recognizing.

To me, it's obvious: Diets are not a solution to anything, so don't do them! It's not just that they "don't work." It is that at their best, diets aren't a long-term solution. And at their worst, they leave the dieter worse off than before, no less heavy but definitely lower.

But as I write at SocialEarth, some people think it means that todfay, it's OK to eat whatever you want. Though it's true, anyone can eat whatever they want, as long as they're willing to accept whatever accrues as a result of the decision, I'm pretty sure the founder didn't intend the day as a reason to splurge.

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