"10 Words or Less" with Powerpoint guru Mike Robertson

Welcome to a special-interest episode of “10 Words or Less,” in which I ask brief questions of interesting people and request brief answers in return.

The goals for this interview series are simple — be interesting, usually on topics related to my professional pursuits. This interview has an additional goal, however — to help introduce speaker and author Mike Robertson to my fellow members of the New England chapter of the National Speaker Association.

Robertson will be the featured speaker at the chapter’s monthly gathering Oct. 15 — and anyone can come, member or not. The author of four books, Robertson is creativity's ambassador, and one form of creativity he teaches is how to make powerful, purposeful, Powerpoint slides. Anyone who has ever used slides for a presentation would benefit from his help.

Finally, my usual admonishment for those of you playing at home: “10 Words” is a goal, not a limit, so no counting! It is hard to do well, especially on the fly, which is why I prefer asking, rather than answering.

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