You talk, I'll listen, on food and weight issues

In conjunction with Kick Sugar Addiction World Summit 2017 (link to the 2016 event), I'm offering a free food and weight consultation to you, or to anyone you know. We'll talk for 30 minutes, via phone, Skype, or other electronic conveyance, about the struggles you face, and what I can contribute to your overcoming them.

If you're reading here, you likely know that I'm certified as a health and wellness coach, and I'll bring to bear the skills I learned in my studies. It's my goal to combine my experience and learned techniques to help others escape the sorts of places I frequented, regarding weight and food choices, during 30 years dominated by extreme obesity.

You also likely know that I've been maintaining a 155-pound loss for the 25 years since then. I'm grateful for both experiences, and committed to helping others go from one camp to the other. Having lived in both, I have absolutely zero doubt which one is better, and not only because of the physical changes.

If you're interested in talking, please reach out via one of the methods on my contact page. 

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