McDonald's, dragged into nutritional progress

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The Twitter is atwitter with McDonald's announcement that it now has a "comprehensive plan aims to help customers — especially families and children — make nutrition-minded choices whether visiting McDonald’s or eating elsewhere."

Damn, I hate corporate-speak. The company that uses toys to entice children into their stores — "Come close, my pretty." — is now so dedicated to helping families make good nutritional choices that they don't even care if you buy their food anymore. "Just be safe! That's all I care about!" Ugh.

But it is good news nevertheless: As they would say they have always done, McDonald's is merely responding to the marketplace. We who natter about the unhealthiness of fast food, as personified by The Clown, have had our voices heard.

The nodule the tweeps are focusing on is McDonald's pledge to make the Happy Meal include both apple slices and a smaller size French fries, plus a choice of beverage that includes fat-free chocolate milk and 1% low fat white milk.

Lots of the comment is snide, but I think this is great evidence of progress: Yes, it would be better to leave out the fries, or make the fries an option for people who specifically say they want fries instead of apple slices. And yes, saying sugar-laden milk is low fat is not saying it is healthful, though that semi-deceipt is not Mickey D's alone. Still, it is movement, and in the right direction. 

Let's keep pushing.

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