My second book is "finished"!

Well, I'm excited, anyway. I just filed the "final" changes on the manuscript of my second book, and if my editor has no further direction, we'll move into production mode.

We're still up in the air about the title. I've been working on it under the heading "Personal Sustainability/What good is sustaining the planet if we're not sustaining ourselves?" But recently, I've wondered if "Sustain Yourself" with a similar subhead, might be better. Your thoughts are welcome. 

Meanwhile, please raise a virutal glass of celebratory beverage with me!

PS: Why the quotation marks in the headline and first paragraph? Because I've been through this process before, and one actually gets to done a number of times when writing a book. There's the conclusion of the first draft, then subsequent drafts, then in galley, then in final form. And even then, in the age of print on demand, further changes are always possible.

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