Proof approved!

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If you and I are hooked in via the Fat Boy Thin Man Facebook page, or my personal FB page, or fatboythinman on Twitter, then you may already know this: We approved the proof of the paper version on the book last night! I ordered 100 copies to start, to be used almost entirely for promotional purposes.

Now that I actually have the book and am no longer hoping to see it "sometime soon," we can set an official release date, and I'm aiming for the latter half of October. I hope to be able to announce a date, well, "sometime soon" — next week, maybe.

I'll be visiting some Greater Boston indie bookstores today, book (and hat?) in hand, seeking some traditional sales outlets, in addition to selling on the book's website and on I already know that the local bookstore in town, The Book Rack, will carry it.

If you want to be notified of events as they unfold, tell me in e-mail to I will be relying on the blog, social networking, and other e-routes to get the word out. I'll probably ask again, but please: To the extent you're able and willing, please help me spread word of the book.


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