Addie Cranstoun: "Green doesn't have to be more expensive"

Another in a series of miniprofiles of sustainability-minded people who are working to reduce humankind’s footprint on the planet. They're "mini" not only because they're short, but because all the questions are 10 words or less, and the answers are requested to match. (Please, no counting.)
Addie Cranstoun

ADDIE CRANSTOUN, 29, Manager, Green Depot, Waltham

Green Depot sells building materials focused on environmentally friendly products. Stoneham is one of five locations for the company, which is headquartered in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Green epiphany: "In elementary school, one of the first major issues I tackled was concern about our ozone layer."

Green hero: "Jane Goodall. Not only for the work she’s done, but recently, she’s doing more speaking and trying to educate children that they can have sustainability at the forefront of their future."

A sustainability practice you recently took on: "We added composting and rain barrels to our house."

An example of greenwashing that really bothers you: "Paint. Manufacturers change chemicals to say they’re low VOC, but no one knows if the products are cleaner or healthier."

What don’t people understand? "That green doesn’t have to be more expensive."

A neat product you wish you’d thought of: "Ultratouch. Recycled cotton denim jeans insulation."

The one thing you wish everyone would just get right: "Recycling."

 Can we spend our way into sustainability? "No."

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