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"Michael is a most talented author as well as moderator and interviewer. He has a rare talent that combines an intuitive sense about the subjects he focuses upon and the integrity that is somewhat rare among his peers.”
~ Marty Lerner, CEO, Milestones Eating Disorders Program


Topic: Sustainable You: Align What You Do With What You Really Want
Michael’s primary mission is to present ideas, inspiration, and practical help on a question vital to all: How can we best sustain ourselves to find and enjoy the present and future we want for ourselves, our families, our enterprises?

Although the mission is focused, he shares them in a multitude of ways ranging from groups of any size to one-on-one sessions. Each offering is complete as a sole endeavor, but as client needs warrant, combinations of these offerings can work to effect and sustain long-term change.

Interactive presentation with opportunities for customization to client needs, ranging from 30-75 minutes.

Half-day events use the Sustainable You workbook to explore Michael’s 8 “Concepts of Personal Sustainability.” They are a mixture of presentation, individual reflection, group exercises and group sharing.

Small-group coaching
One of Michael’s tenets is the importance to self of engaging in community, and one way to experience its benefits is to be coached within a group. Support comes from each other, and many of the best lessons come from peer experience and observation.

Individual coaching

Michael is certified as a health and wellness coach who focuses on the more encompassinbg matter of wellbeing. In his method, clients lead the way, setting the vision for change, determining the order of battle, and building momentum via achievable first steps.

"Michael was there every step. His consistent, helpful and positive guidance didn’t feel like a push or shove but more like that voice next to me on the path I had stumbled on before. He helped me to get back up, keeping the positive thoughts in the foreground." ~ CJ Gunther, photojournalist

Topic: Fat Boy Thin Man: How an Extreme Got Off at the Low End of the Yo-Yo 25 Years Ago and Is Still There
All of Michael’s professional outreach arises from his decades of obesity and his decades of escape from its worst outcomes. Although he now presents most often on the broader implications of his transformation, a number of clients ask for help and guidance out of that morass specifically.

So much of what we understand or believe regarding our food choices is counter to our interests, at both the individual and system levels. This presentation bares many of these faults, identifies their origins, and helps each listener determine the changes that will be most meaningful for them.

Small-group  and individual coaching
As a follow-up to the keynote, or as discrete offerings, both forms of coaching program help to achieve, and more importantly, to sustain healthful lifestyle changes.

"Unquestionably, Michael helped me get back on track after a year of feeling lost after I moved 1,000 miles to take a new job. His attitude is gentle, but he also emphasizes accountability and follow-up. Michael helped me get clear about my objectives, which helped me learn about myself and focus on what I needed to do to get where I wanted to go. Michael is easy to talk to and relate to, he doesn’t mind sharing his personal experiences and I found myself looking forward to my coaching sessions. This experience was very positive for me throughout." ~ Rachel Tristano, CEO, Plymouth and South Shore Assoc. of REALTORS

Other Services

  • Event host

    "Michael is that rare person who combines charm and humor with a sense of timing and the ability to move a schedule along on time. I frankly would be reluctant to chair a conference without him.”  ~ Joan Ifland, former chair, Promising Practices in Food Addiction

  • Panel moderator

    "Whenever I sponsor or attend a program with Michael moderating, I can relax; Michael is in charge and all will be handled.”  ~ Theresa Wright, MS, RD, LDN

  • Interviewer
    Before writing his first book, Michael was a successful newspaper journalist, most recently for 14 years editing the Boston Globe.

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Reach out to Michael’s team to determine which topics and services best combine to meet your needs.

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