"Fat Boy Thin Man"

Why do diets fail? Because they are designed to.

No, not in some conspiratorial way, but literally, in their design, as in, “I’m going to change the way I eat, even though I don’t really want to. I’m going to do it for the shortest possible period of time I can to get a result. And then I’m going back to how it was, even though that’s what started the cycle.”

Michael Prager exemplified this lunacy. In 20 years of dieting that included three summers at fat camp, better than a year as a patient of Dr. Atkins himself, and two 130-pound-plus losses, he reached his 34th birthday weighing about 365.

Then, in spite of himself, he allowed himself to be guided toward a different path, and is now sustaining a 155-pound loss for about a quarter century.

“Fat Boy Thin Man” is a great story, written in compelling fashion, and best of all, not a diet book. But for those searching for one, it’s a blueprint for escape from chronic overweight that will work for anyone.

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“There is really nothing else out there that reads the way this book does. Mr. Prager is a gifted writer. I know this because it is so easy to read what he writes....and yet he writes about something that is so complicated.” ~ Amazon reviewer

"I read this book in one sitting, gorging on it chapter after chapter, even though I knew I'd be sorry the next morning. I just couldn't help myself. Prager gets me inside his cravings, even though I have no experience with anything like his addictions." ~ Amazon reviewer

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