Going "paleo" and food addiction

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I happened across a well-written blog by "VB" this morning that had a couple of points of interest to me. The url is healthygumsandme.blogspot,com, which she explains in one of her first posts: The dental hygienist told her, at the end of a visit, that she'd reset the cleanliness in her mouth, and it was up to her to keep it up there. And unlike other times, she did, for more than a month, and then realized she could apply that same discipline to other habits, including her eating.

Every day, every day, every day I write...

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I just want to give a shout out to Sean Anderson of Ponca City, Okla., who is writing at, which details his journey from 505 pounds down to 230 "or whatever feels right." (I love that last part!)

I don't know the number he's at right now, but judging by photos, he's well within the normal range, and speaking for myself, that's all I ever desired — to be out of the freak range.

Say hi to Mama

I recently ran across the Shrinking Mama blog, telling the story of Melissa, a 31-year-old mom of two who is, or was, up near 400 pounds. 'Least, I think that's right; in her bio, she declines to say how much, though she does keep a running weekly total of her weight loss, which stands around 60 pounds since March 18. She says she needs to drop 150 to be healthy.

I can relate a lot to what she says, of course, such as this passage from her bio:



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