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"Trust my body" when it has proven untrustworthy?

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During my recent inquiries into Health At Every Size, one motivation I’ve heard from proponents is that “people should be able to listen to their bodies.” And again I have to say, I just don't get, or struggle to accept.

Reason 1: To me, this is akin to saying that I’m not going to wear glasses, because “I should be able to trust my eyes.”

RDs, close-minded, again (or is that still?)

As I've described before, registered dietitians scoff at the idea of food addiction almost monolithically, a circumstance I got to observe again last weekend at the Binge Eating Disorder Association national conference in Bethesda, Md.

Phil Werdell, practitioner and food addiction advocate

I've mentioned Phil Werdell enough times that he has his own keyword on the site, and I'm happy to spread word of his work any time I can. He's a friend and a mentor.

Today, I'm spreading word just a little bit farther, or differently, via Today's Honoree, a website that recognizes someone every day. I'm not sure how I found them; more likely, they found me via a broadly cast e-mail campaign, which is not to say spam.

Obesity isn't a disease, but it still sucks

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My first point today is that obesity is not a disease.

Disease can cause obesity, but to me, obesity is not a disease but a condition —  a result of heredity, behaviors, and often of choices (though not always).

The disease I’m thinking of in that last sentence is, of course, food addiction, which also goes to “... choices (but not always).” Food addicts do engage in behaviors that often result in obesity, but untreated, they (we) don’t have the same power of choice that you have — and that you probably think we should have.

Un-dieting advice, part 3 | Take it seriously

You may know that I've begun a series of short videos offering dieting advice that doesn't focus on food. As you (should) know, I'm not a nutritionist, or researcher, or clinician, and I have no desire whatsoever to advise others on food plans. What I am is a person with the experiences having been very fat for decades and then having escaped that obesity, also for decades (so far).


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