"Your Weight Matters" conference in Dallas

Friday and Saturday, I'll be in Dallas at the first "Your Weight Matters" conference hosted by the Obesity Action Coalition.

I'm looking forward to meeting many of the several hundred folks who are registered, and hope to sell a few copies of "Fat Boy Thin Man" while I'm there.

I'll be sharing booth real estate with Meredith Terpeluk, a friend and colleague who has just released her book, "Healthy Voice."

Good guidance for parents worried about obesity

The Stop Obesity Alliance has a guide for parents wanting to help their children who've developed or may be developing an eating problem. I think it is worthwhile, and recommend it to you, both for reading and sharing.

From the podium, different ways to look at food addiction

I've begun building a section of speeches I've given to my Toastmasters club on this blog, because ... well, I should be honest, it's at least partly because I'm a showoff. (Too much of one? You decide.)

But also, I am a professional speaker, and I want to highlight both my ideas and my speaking style for buyers and event planners who can't help but benefit from hiring me.

Role-modeling begins at home

In a previous post, I waded into the lives of Wisconsin news reader Jennifer Livingston and the unkind words addressed to her by a viewer, Kenneth Krause. As I said then, my inclination was to skip by it because I am constitutionally averse to the predictable, and my impression was that this was that.

But the more I considered, I realized that Livingston’s on-air retort, and the groundswell of support for her, were obscuring issues that were better off aired.

Being fat is not good, even if it's a right

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I was thinking of skipping over the kerfuffle about the obese Wisconsin news anchor’s response to the comments by the critical, personal-injury-lawyer fitness freak, but I haven’t blogged all week, and that’s what’s up right now.

My reactions — at least the ones I want to share — are not the typical ones. But if they were, that’d only be greater reason to take a pass.

Tell Zagat that "addiction" and "guilty pleasure" aren't the same thing

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The first time I saw this, I just sent a tweet, pointing out that Zagat blog — which one would think would understand about food — was ignorant on a major point, that “guilty pleasure” and “fast-food ‘addiction’” are not the same thing. But now I see, via my Google Alert for “food addiction,” that it’s a series, and they’ve got to stop.


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