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Fat poll

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One of the ways I express why I wrote "Fat Boy Thin Man" is to say that if you and I canvassed any random group about "solutions" to obesity, they wouldn't respond with anything like my experience. Since my experience works (for me), and the best-known "solutions" don't seem to be solving much, I figure I have valuable information to share.

The science of food addiction

I commend to you this article on The Delano Report ( about how food addiction, "considered fringe just five years ago, is fast becoming a mainstream view among researchers as new studies in humans confirm initial animal findings, and the biological mechanisms that lead to 'junk-food addiction' are being revealed."

The burden of vegetables

The NYT looks at vegetable-eating habits in America, and the trends are not good.

Quoting a study by market researchers the NPD Group, it said that "the number of dinners prepared at home that included a salad was 17 percent; in 1994, it was 22 percent. At restaurants, salads ordered as a main course at either lunch or dinner dropped by half since 1989, to a mere 5 percent."

Listen to an expert

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Not to be redundant, but to catch all my new readers up to speed, my issue is food addiction, both personally and professionally. I am a food addict, and I believe that well more than 10 million Americans are as well.

In one slight sense, it doesn't matter. My extensive experience is that when I accepted standard addiction treatments that go back decades, I started losing weight and now I've kept about 160 pounds off for almost two decades.

With results like that, who cares what they call "it," right?

Food addiction workshop

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This post relates to the one immediately before it, but I wanted to give it its own headline: The acquaintance between Dr. Tarman and the Acorn folks has led to a five-day food-addiction workshop at the Renascent Center in Toronto beginning Oct. 20.

To register, you can call Sandra Elia at 416-986-0006. 


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