Virgin Pulse's "Thrive Summit"

I'm writing and posting from "Thrive Summit 2015," hosted in Boston by Virgin Pulse. I hope to remember to add this disclosure to each of my posts, but in case not (and a faint attempt to cover me for social media), I want to disclose that a) I'm Virgin Pulse's guest at this event, having been granted a press pass, and b) this is, in part, a sales conference highlighting Virgin Pulse software. Nothing wrong with that, but still, it's good to remember, and to state it.

Restoring Ecosystems to Reverse Global Warming

One of the tenets of this blog is that nature is, or should be, the unquestioned authority for life on earth — 3.8 billion years of survival street cred! — and I’m always seeking to highlight individuals and groups whose actions seem to agree.

The results of holistic land management are clear on the left half of the photo, datelined Karoo, South AfricaHence, my delight to share news of Restoring Ecosystems to Reverse Global Warming, a high-level conference being conducted by the group Biodiversity for a Livable Climate over three days next month at Tufts University near Boston.

The conference lists over two dozen speakers, including Seth Itzkan, William Moomaw, and Hugh McLaughlin, as well as Jim Laurie and John E. Carroll, both of whom I’ve featured previously in these pages (here and here, respectively).

It’s difficult (or brave, or foolhardy), therefore, to generalize what their outlook is, but with that acknowledgement, here goes: An ideal place for sequestering carbon is in our soils, which not only removes it from the upper atmosphere but dramatically restores or enriches ecosystems while improving agriculture on those soils where it is practiced.

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