Go with the green

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I spent four hours last weekend at the Going Green Expo, which was a very curious mix of really good, valuable, creditable presenters and some questionable participants, including Waste Management, Vita Mix, and some cookware manufacturer whose name I can't recall, even though I sat through the demo and have done so before, at the Home Show. (That won't make them happy!)

I may or may not comment more on that show, but for now, I wanted to note the proliferation of green-based conferences and trade shows around here.

Gift idea

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Finally, a doll house I would like to receive, or, at least, to give in good conscience... Link. Depending on your outlook, it's a toy or a teaching tool, with 70 experiments and 20 building projects, according to the promotional patter. Comes with toy turbines, toy solar cells, etc. Via EcoGeek.

Recycling light bulbs

My good friend Margaret Ann, as bright a thinker as I've ever met, bemoaned a while back that while CFLs (compact fluorescent lightbulbs, the bulbs that use far less energy than incandescents and last 10 years) are an advance, what do we do about all those incandescents that have been decommissioned in the process of switching over? Just throwing them in the trash seems to dull some of the planet-saving luster of switching over to CFLs.

My short answer for that is, "I still don't know." However...


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