Ride 'em and eat

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I'm way late on passing on information of a new endeavor by an old acquaintance, Rosemary Jason. Years ago for the Globe magazine, I wrote about her Pocket Rides, small, laminated cards with suggested routes for cyclists.

Now she's come out with Hungry Nomad Maps, which Jason says concentrate far less on distance and far more on destinations — farms, farmers' markets, wildlife refuges, beaches, and conservation land. 

Smackdown meet-up

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A couple of dozen participants in the Energy Smackdown gathered for pizza, veggies, soda, and celebration last night at the Regent Theatre in Arlington to cap off the energy-saving competition's second season.

About 30 families from Arlington, Medford, and Cambridge vied for team and individual honors in the yearlong effort, whose larger purpose was to explore, experience, and model strategies for reducing humankind's impact on the planet.

CSA sharecropping

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The facet I like most about Charlie Radoslovich's Rad Urban Farmers business model is that he is a farmer without any land. From the top, you know he's either a wacko or on to something significant. I'm thinking it's the latter.

He told me he didn't devise the ideas, but he's certainly on the front edge of the wave. If he's successful, think how much land under lawn-grass cultivation could be converted to productive use.

Sustaining ourselves

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Over at Pragerblog, which I'm going to rename soon into something that reflects the topic matter better, I posted about the small veggie plot we started at our house. On the level of personal sustainability actions, growing one's own food is about as self-sustaining as one can get, on a par with sewing clothing or building shelter. 


I have written previously (perhaps approaching cliche by now; you decide) about having two blogs and wanting to have one — not by jettisoning one by having them merge organically. Here's another post that fits in both places — about sustainable living (no link; you're reading it) and food issues, at; in fact, I starting writing this at the other one.

Farmers' market, delivered

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Lauren_Friel_Green_Bean_BostonI've been writing about business ideas to bring better food to your home for quite some time. The first one was Jeff Barry's Boston Organics, years ago, when I was still at the Globe; I had a feature for a while called "A Click Away," I think. More recently, I've written about Gabriel Erde-Cohen's urban/personal CSAs.

Now we can add Laurel Friel, the "queen bean" behind The Green Bean,  a start-up whose idea is to do the shopping for you at the region's farmer's markets and deliver your order to your door. I met her Saturday at the Somerville Climate Action Network's event I wrote about on Thursday. 

The wholistic approach

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I've mentioned other times about preferring to have one blog instead of two, for all sorts of quotidian reasons, but foremostly in a symbolic way: I want to find a way to make my two issues — saving the planet and escaping the misery of obesity — be one. (It's the Buddhist's hot dog order: Make me one with everything.) When the subjects are, say, solar energy and food addiction, it's not readily apparent where the Venn overlap is.


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