The tech way

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The words of author Jim Kunstler more than a month ago at a NESEA-sponsored forum still ring in my ears: "We're not going to organize our way out of [the climate crisis], and we're not going to tech our way out of it." I don't know if he's right (though I have to say that strong, declarative statements, forcefully stated from a public platform, do have a weight of their own), but he has certainly influenced my outlook. I thought of it several times at the show that followed, such as at BigBelly Solar's booth.

Another D2E leftover

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Sorry, Second Rotation, for calling you a leftover, and I do so only in the sense that I didn't follow up soon after the show.

Second Rotation has figured out a way to profit from buying used cell phones, computers, cameras, gaming consoles, GPSs, and other electronic gizmos that are sitting in your drawer, unused. (If you've already sent them to the landfill, too late.)

Power day at MIT

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My friend and former colleague Dave Beard spent his Saturday at the MIT Energy Conference and came up with a trio of posts I would have been proud to write myself: The keynote speaker was Jim Rogers of Duke Energy, the 12th largest CO2 emitter in the world. He told the crowd that he knows they have to produce less, which is startling to hear from such an impressive coal burner as himself.

Post 300

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Like who cares, but I happened to notice as I was opening this window that it's my 300th post. And it's about ... someone else's posts. has had a couple of good ones in the past couple of days: Alex Steffen wonders about the freebies that are available to the energy-efficient, and cites as an example the Freeaire system for refrigeration units.

Working with new material

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I'm at the Seaport World Trade Center again this morning — "again" because I spent the day here yesterday, and because this was the site of NESEA's Building Energy '08 a couple of weeks ago. The occasion this week is ResDesign, the annual residential design and construction show sponsored by the Boston Society of Architects. Halfway through, I'm finding it somewhat less thrilling the BE'08, almost certainly a reflection of my interests, rather than their programming.


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