Ashley Gearhardt: "Shaming and blaming people rarely leads to successful change"

Welcome to another installment of "10 Words or Less," in which I ask brief questions of interesting people and ask for brief responses in return. Today's participant is the author of the Yale Food Addiction Scale, an assistant professor at the University of Michigan, and a researcher bound for greatness. Her doctoral thesis at Yale was the subject of a report on ABC's "World News Tonight," a story, I should acknowledge, that I was interviewed for through through her referral. We met at a private conference on obesity at Bainbridge Island, Washington, in 2009.
Name Ashley Gearhardt
How many different ways has it been misspelled? "At least 3. The 'd' is tricky."
Born when and where "A little farm town in Ohio. Covington. June 18, 1982."
Anything notable about the circumstances? "I was three weeks early. My mother went into labor because she was square dancing."
What's your family circumstance? "I'm married to a wonderful man who could not have had a more different upbringing. He's a legal research librarian from San Francisco who grew up in the city. And I have two miniature wiener dogs who run my life."

"10 Words or Less" with food-addiction researcher Ashley Gearhardt

Welcome to another installment of "10 Words or Less," in which I ask brief questions of interesting people and request brief answers in return. Today's participant is Ashley Gearhardt, author of the Yale Food Addiction Scale who is now an assistant professor at the University of Michigan. I'll post an edited print version of the interview once it's completed, but for now, check out the video version. Run time is 25 minutes.

Paul Eldrenkamp, in the Globe magazine

Three years ago, I had a brief article in the Boston Globe Magazine about Paul Eldrenkamp, a Newton builder and a leader in sustainable-builidng practices. I just did a search for him on the blog, and though I've quoted or mentioned him several times, I apparently never linked to the magazine story. 

So, I'm doing that here, post-dating back to then, just 'cause. I know, who cares, right?

Program connects kids and food

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Scant blogging lately as I give attention to other things. It's just temporary.

But in the meantime, here's my latest Globe story on food from a sustainability perspective, or is it sustainability from a food perspective?

Yes, the Globe story is one of the "other things" I've been giving my attention to.

Jenny Huston: "They’re scared, hence the attacks.”

Welcome to another installment of "10 Words or Less," in which I ask brief questions, and request brief answers, of interesting people. Today’s contestant is a chef and food-justice activist who circulates an exhaustive compendium of food-related news. Remember: the 10-words thing is a goal, not a rule, so please, no counting. And besides, let’s see you do it.
Bay Area food activist Jenny HustonName Jenny Huston
Born when, where San Francisco, February 1959
Resides Oakland
Occupation Food services consultant
How long have you been doing your weekly news update? “Since 2003.”
How much time does it take you? “Only a couple hours. As I come across things, they just get stuck into the list.”

Discussions on obesity and sustainability

If someone wanted to make a podcast just for me, the subject matter would adress the interplay of obesity and sustainability. Well, of course they didn't record it just for me, but here it is, from the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale.

Actually, they did two; here's the other one


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