World news, if only for today

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So yeah, it's a big time for us. Not only did UConn win (I was a Nutmegger for 9 years), but it was our 7th wedding anniversary yesterday!

But yes, I'm also referring to the above story, which ran last night on ABC's "World News Tonight." It came together quickly; I saw the producer's e-mail about 2:10, and I had arrived back home for perhaps 10 minutes when the videographer arrived, 20 minutes early, at 3:25.

A curmudgeon stumbles

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I enjoy columnist Alex Beam's writing in the Boston Globe, perhaps more than any other writer there. To me, he has long been a reason to buy the paper (though still, I read it for free online, and was doing so long before I left the paper's employ almost four years ago).

One facet of my enjoyment is his consistent curmudgeonry, though I suspect that in his case, it's congenital. So often, he infuses his countercultural positions with a credibility I'm surprised to see.

The Checkup checks in on food addiction

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We had a bit of excitement over at "Fat Boy Thin Man" central today. Jennifer Larue Huget, "Eat, Drink and Be Healthy" column at the Washington Post, with whom I've spoken a couple of times, posted a query in The Check-up, a feature on the paper's website asking, "Is food addiction real?"

In the Morning Call (updated)

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I was delighted to see this morning that the Morning Call, a newspaper in Allentown, Pa., picked up the Hartford Courant's Q&A with me. So, hi to all my new pals in the Lehigh Valley.

Added 12/14: Turns out, the Courant is part of the Health Key, and the story ran in quite a few places across the country: South Bend, Ind., Chicago, New Orleans, and other places I'd know if I had more patience for Googling. 

A nice hit for "Fat Boy Thin Man"

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Despite (Because of?) having spent three decades of my life writing and editing for them, newspapers haven't yet been a very successful venue for "Fat Boy Thin Man."

But perhaps owing to the Hartford threads in the book, the Hartford Courant decided to tell its readers about the book this morning, and they did a very nice job. It's a Q&A; I found the questions well considered, and the condensing of the conversation was very good.



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