Nutritional investing: The pure play or hedge your bets?

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Beth Mazur, over at, gave voice to moderation in her recent post, and I left a comment that I reprise here. She wondered whether it was worthwhile to look at one's diet as an investor might, hedging against uncertainty by being, say, "part paleo, part vegan." "Crazy, or crazy like a fox," she wondered.

Ugh! Crazy like a crazy person! (Sorry for the knee-jerk passion.) 

Part paleo, part vegan is neither, no? Same with the others.

Another front in the food addiction fight

Via my friend Jill Escher, I read this piece by David Bender on and wanted to pass it along. Though our backgrounds are fairly dissimilar, we’re brothers from his very first sentence, in which he says, “my goal is to raise awareness of food addiction.”

Obesity and malnutrition?

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A couple times recently, I've come across the notion that obesity is a sign of malnutrition. The first time, it was in an interview, and I decided just to edit that out, 'cause I wanted to save the speaker from himself. I mean, that couldn't be right, right?

Then I saw it again here, and while I'm not buying it yet, I understand the reasoning and see how it might be true. For some. Perhaps.

Going "paleo" and food addiction

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I happened across a well-written blog by "VB" this morning that had a couple of points of interest to me. The url is healthygumsandme.blogspot,com, which she explains in one of her first posts: The dental hygienist told her, at the end of a visit, that she'd reset the cleanliness in her mouth, and it was up to her to keep it up there. And unlike other times, she did, for more than a month, and then realized she could apply that same discipline to other habits, including her eating.

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