Wanna go to rehab? For free?

Another tenet of my argument (see prev. post) is that insurance-supported rehab must be available to food addicts in the same measure as it is for other addictions. I reached that conclusion via experience: I was in the eating disorders unit of a psychiatric hospital in 1991, and it remains a cornerstone of my recovery, which is in its 20th year.



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Steady readers will know that I'm a big proponent of treatment for food addiction. In 1991, I got it — nine weeks in the eating disorders unit of an accredited psychiatric hospital, and it was one of the most important interludes of my life.

I don't want to go into the reasons why, but that sort of treatment is far less available today, and making a case for the diagnosis of food addiction, so that insurance will support its treatment, is the primary reason I wrote my book.

Food addiction workshop

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This post relates to the one immediately before it, but I wanted to give it its own headline: The acquaintance between Dr. Tarman and the Acorn folks has led to a five-day food-addiction workshop at the Renascent Center in Toronto beginning Oct. 20.

To register, you can call Sandra Elia at 416-986-0006. 


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