Casting call

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Jesse Tannenbaum, a casting producer working with ABC-TV, is looking for young people who have worked through a difficult health issue and turned the experience into a positive in their communities.

FBTM on "Chronicle"

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The Boston-area TV magazine show "Chronicle" will air a piece on "Fat Boy Thin Man" Tuesday, Feb. 22, at 7:30 p.m.

Please tune in, and please share the news with others you think might be interested, via social networking, the water cooler, or whatever else you have at your disposal.

If you're not in the Boston area, you can see the piece online beginning on the 23d, at the above link.

Wanna go to rehab? For free?

Another tenet of my argument (see prev. post) is that insurance-supported rehab must be available to food addicts in the same measure as it is for other addictions. I reached that conclusion via experience: I was in the eating disorders unit of a psychiatric hospital in 1991, and it remains a cornerstone of my recovery, which is in its 20th year.



CBS goes for the fat jokes

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I wanted to acknowledge, but not spend too much time on, "Mike and Molly," a sitcom CBS has purchased for the fall. I watched its clip online and it appears it will be very much like pretty much every other sitcom, with extra fat jokes thrown in.

Fat jokes are a sitcom staple, of course, but usually they've come from the nebbishy fat guy, or the brassy fat woman. But Mike and Molly meet in an Overeaters Anonymous meeting, and hilarity ensues from there. Presumably.

Food addiction treatment on "Nightline"

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The boomlet in mainstream media attention to the legitimacy of food addiction continues tonight on ABC’s “Nightline” program when its cameras follow Laurie U., a binge eater, into a treatment center devoted to eating disorders and then into her transition homeward afterward.


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