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One way I'm trying to spread word of my book, "Fat Boy Thin Man," is by reaching out to people who have portfolios in the field, ask them to read an advance copy, and offer an opinion. This is, of course, how authors get blurbs for their back covers.

Just last week, I became aware of Dr. Vera Ingrid Tarman of Toronto, the rare medical doctor who believes in food addiction. My exposure was via a video she has made available in which she discusses her views. I swear, I could not have written comments that represent my experience better than she spoke on her own, and she's a medical doctor! Fully trained, authoritative, everything I can't claim. (Click here to order the DVD. I ordered mine already.)

So naturally, I asked her to check out my book and tell me what she thought. Here's her review:


"'Fat Boy Thin Man' gives a vivid and detailed account about what it is like to live as a fat person with a food addiction. Explicitly, this book speaks to the painful experience of a fat person in a food obsessed society, and the ever relentless battle to control weight.
"Mr Prager writes of the insane hopes and the numbing failures of crash diets, exercise programs and will power alone. The author eventually finds his recovery when he recognizes his problem is an addiction to food and is able to apply this knowledge with the Acorn food addiction program. He describes what success actually looks like, how simple it is, and how easy it isn't.
"Anyone who is wondering about their own food issues or who wants to learn about food addiction, would do well to read this book. You will see how you are not alone and how if one person achieves long term success, so can you. Mr. Prager is not an expert in the field, but his lived experience will suggest strategies towards your own recovery, and most of all, will inspire you back to hope."

Thanks to Dr. Tarman!

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