Assistant producers wanted

Mostly, I'm just moving this up in the queue of recent posts in hopes of getting a few more views. I heard this weekend that the effort to raise the $6,000 needed to complete production of this movie is more than two-thirds of the way there, with a deadline closing in. Please read further and see if you think it might be worth a small amount to you to see this message carried to a wide audience. — Michael

If you know anyone with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), you know they take over every facet of life, sapping one's energy at the very time that extra strength is required to overcome it.

My knowledge comes not from experience but from the experiences of my friend, Susan Abod, who's made a film to share her experiences, in much the same way I've written a book to share mine. Another commonality is that many people aren't convinced that neither her disease nor mine exists.

Susan is seeking to crowd-source the film's final financial hurdle, and my family will be contributing. If you think it worthy, too, you can go to her indiegogo page to help.

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